Registration Forms

Registration Forms, Fee and Information

De-Registration Form

First, the player must be de-registered from the AIMs system by the registrar of the club the player is leaving. The registrar must label the player as "Cancelled" or "Void" in the AIMs system. The player and the club they are leaving must sign a
de-registration form. Once the form is signed please bring it into the E.C.S.A along with the updated roster, player OSA book, the de-registration form and the pay the fee of $5.00.

Trial Permit

A trial permit is a temporary registration with the O.S.A. which shall only used by players who are not registered with the O.S.A. or a Provincial Association affiliated to the C.S.A.. 

 A Trial Permit entitles a non-registered player to play two games for a Registered Team during a fifteen day period (either two league games or a tournament). The player is allowed to two trial permits and a total of three games for the whole year. The player must get an OSA book and number from ECSA. Please bring in the form (trial permit) filled out to ECSA and get an OSA book. 

ECSA will give the club the original copy plus 2 extra copies for the games or tournament plus an updated roster with the trial player on it for the 15 days.

The fee is $10.50 per permit. 

Temporary Permit

A temporary permit is a player registered with the O.S.A or another Provincial Association affiliated to the C.S.A. You may borrow a player for a tournament or a league game. The player can only play up in the division or age group (they can never play down in a age group or league)
Please bring in the form (temporary permit)  filled out to the ECSA office and the district will approve the form. When the player is going to play for that team they must have their player book. The player can only be used ONCE per club.

The fee is $10.50 per permit

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