Due to COVID-19 precautions the district has decided that the ECSA office will formally be closed and we will continue to update as Ontario Soccer and health officials make decisions going forward.  Office hours will be by appointment only. Please send an email to to request an appointment and we will get back to you.

As I'm sure you are all aware, disinfectant sprays are all sold out at this time so we will not be able to do any extra cleaning procedures in the office.  Please exercise your own discretion with your personal health before coming to the office and please follow guidelines set out by health officials by respecting the self quarantine if you have travelled before coming into the office.

We will continue to do approvals with OSCAR online in order to get registrations done and answer emails.  If needed we will also evaluate the need for increased office hours to accommodate registration needs once precautions are lifted.

Discipline & Suspensions

To View the suspension page please use the following link:

To All ECSL Team Officials and Club Reps,


The ECSL season is only a month old and already were have had four incidents of referee abuse.

In two instances, the referees were physically abused and in two instances the referees were verbally abused.

Three of the four games were grassroots (no score) games.


Certain individuals (hopefully only a few team officials and parents) are clearly NOT respecting the decisions of our referees.


It seems that the Respect In Soccer educational course (if taken) and the completion of the team officials code of conduct forms are not enough to prevent disrespectful behaviour by some team officials.

The league has recorded who has completed the code of conduct forms.

However, the league has no knowledge of whether our team officials have taken (or have not taken) the Respect In Soccer course.

To that end I will be sending each club rep a list of their team officials and ask that they indicate who has taken the Respect In Soccer course.


If team officials continue to disrespect referees (publically dissenting their calls and challeging their decisions) the league will have no choice but to fine these non-compliant individuals. 

In light of what's been happening, the League will also be considering MANDATORY parent Respect In Soccer training before their son or daughter is allowed to register for the 2019 season.


The league expects team officials and spectators to be respectful at league games and festivals and be positive role models for the soccer youth, men, and women of Essex County.

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

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