Hearing Schedule


During the outdoor season the ECSA Discipline PANEL will convene as necessary every MONDAY (except Holidays) for  HEARINGS  &  REVIEWS  of Discipline Cases.

This note is in accordance with guidelines of OS Procedure 5.4.2 in Section 12, on publishing regularly scheduled HEARINGS.

Mon.  MAY        13, 27

Mon.  JUNE       3, 10,  17,  24

Mon.  JULY        8, 15,  22,  29

Mon.  AUG.       5,  12, 19, 26

Mon.  SEP.        9,  16,  23, 30

Mon.  OCT.        7, 21,  28

Most game related misconduct will be handled by the Discipline by Review (DBR) system. 
Penalties will be posted on the ECSA web under SUSPENSIONS.

An Individual who is subject to D.B.R. system shall have the right to request to be disciplined by DBH. Accused shall submit a written request with appropriate fee ($50) within 3 days of receiving dismissal to the ECSA Discipline Committee.
Discipline decisions made under D.B.R. system may NOT be appealed.  Procedure 5.3.5.

Misconduct types that require a HEARING (DBH) will be assigned a case number, type of charge and time when ACCUSED is required to attend a HEARING.  This will be posted on the web under SUSPENSIONS.

Accused less than EIGHTEEN years of age must be accompanied by adult.

If you register a player that carries a suspension from last year, please advise the office staff or discipline committee so that they can assign the games to be served. 
Please check the carry-over list under suspension to know if your players have games outstanding.

For more information about OS's Discipline By Hearing (DBH) system, especially the accused persons rights to request a postponement, to bring an adviser, observers and/or witnesses, please see:


All Discipline Hearings will be held as per the published schedule. No notice of hearing will be issued but an e-mail will be sent to the official team or club contact showing the time and date of their hearing. Copies of any report will be made available 30 minutes prior to the scheduled time for the hearing.

On any Hearing set up, any request for a postponement must be in writing and made no later than 4 days prior to the date of the hearing stating the reasons for such request. The fee of $50.00 must accompany any such request in the form of a recorded payment ie certified cheque or money order made payable to ECSA.

If the request for postponement is denied the fee will be refunded. If the request is granted the Discipline & Appeals Committee shall have full discretion to refund the request for postponement fee if sufficient reason warrants such action (See OS Discipline Section 9.0,  Policy 8.2).  

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