The Essex County Soccer Association

Located at:

9655 McHugh Street
Windsor, ON
N8P OA8 

Phone: 519-979-9254

District Registrars:
Jane & Allison

Please feel free to email us with any questions you may have!

Appeals to ECSA

Appeals to ECSA

All ECSA members are strongly advised to review our appeals process.  The Chair of the Discipline Committee stresses that requirement to provide all decisions to affected parties in writing and the requirement to include along with your decision the "Rights of Appeal to ECSA Information" document which your organization needs to create by customizing a template provided in the attached file:

Should you have any questions and/or concerns regarding this subject, please feel free to e-mail anyone from the Discipline Committee at any time. 

As a District Association, The ECSA is required to deal with appeals regarding decisions made by:  

  • Clubs
  • District Leagues (WADSL, WYISL)
  • MJ-Club Leagues (none in our district)

These are three organization types which a District Association governs. Members of any of the above organizations have the right to seek to leave to appeal decisions made by that organization to its governing organization (ie., District Association).

 The OSA's Appeal Hearing Policies should be reviewed as they govern how a District Association deals with appeals.  The appeal must be submitted in writing through registered mail, or recognized Courier Service, or by hand-delivery, or by e-mail to:  

Discipline and Appeals Committee               Fax: 519-979-9254
Essex County Soccer Association                 E-mail:
9655 McHugh
Windsor ON
N8P 0A8

The Letter requesting Leave to Appeal to the Essex County Soccer Association must include:  

   1. A letter of appeal;
   2. The appeal fee of $200 by organizations or $100 by individuals by cheque or money order payable to the ECSA;
   3. A copy of the decision being appealed or the Appellant's understanding of the decision if a written copy of that decision has not been received in writing;
   4. Evidence that any outstanding fine, fee or bond has been paid;
   5. Complete grounds for the appeal (see OSA Policies: Section 10: Appeals; Policy 4.2);
   6. All evidence that supports these grounds, including all documents;
   7. The remedy or remedies requested,
   8. Signature of the Appellant or authorized representative of the Appellant.

If the appeal is upheld, the Appeal Hearing Panel will order the appeal fee to be returned to the appellant and will charge the approprate administration fee to the Respondent.  

If the appeal, or leave to appeal, is denied, the appeal fee will be forfeit.

In addition, the Panel may determine how costs of the appeal, exluding legal fees and legal disbursements of any of the parties, will be allocated, if at all. 

For additional information about appeals and discipline, send e-mail to

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