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June 3, 2020

Dear ECSA Member Clubs,

Re: COVID 19 Reminder – Suspension of ALL soccer activities

I am writing as a result of a life circumstance that I believe we can all say has
been at various times frustrating, reflective and most likely life changing going
forward.  The absence of our “beautiful game” is also disheartening.

Most concerning at this time are unconfirmed reports of Clubs, coaches, players
and others that may be undertaking organized soccer group activities despite the
strict restrictions put in place by our Provincial government and Ontario Soccer.

The within correspondence is both a reminder and an appeal to follow the
restrictions put in place to protect all.

As your District governing body we wish to make the following clear,

i. No individual participating organized soccer group activities contrary to the
strict restrictions put in place by our Provincial government and Ontario Soccer
shall be covered by the insurance policy obtained through our sanctioning body
(Ontario Soccer).

ii. Practicing and gathering to practice and train in groups of five (5) with one
coach and four players is NOT allowed

iii. At the present time in Ontario, there is no confirmation from the Province of Ontario
regarding amateur (team) sport Return to Play timelines.

To coaches, managers and Club representatives – be responsible and show leadership.
To parents – explain the circumstances to your children and continue to undertake
reasonable measures to protect them.

To players – we miss you. The game of soccer may be missing on the field but not in
your hearts.

Should you wish to discuss the within correspondence or any soccer related matter
further please do not hesitate in contacting me directly at (519) 990-2794.

Warmest regards,

Joe Barile, ECSA President

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